Pediatric Rehab Program

Frazier Rehab Institute has been providing comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services since it first opened in 1954. The Pediatric Rehab Program provides a wide range of services to children and adolescents of all ages, birth to 17. The populations served include but are not limited to:

  • Brain Injury
  • Cardiopulmonary
  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Post- neurosurgery or orthopedic surgery
  • Developmental Delays
  • Sensory Integration Disorders
  • Conversion (Functional Neurological Symptoms) Disorder

Inpatient Admissions in 2017

Total Inpatient Admissions        107

Average Length of Stay            18.25 days   

Age Distribution of Inpatients in 2017

5 years and younger                 29%                                               

6 - 12 years                               29%                                                    

13 - 17 years                             42%                

Diagnostic Distribution of Inpatients in 2017

Brain Injury                               44%

Neurologic                                19%               

Spinal Cord Injury                     10%   

Stroke                                         6%   

Orthopedic                                  6%

Other                                         15%     

Outpatients Served at Frazier Downtown in 2017

Total Discharges                     168 patients

Outpatient pediatric patients also served in other locations throughout the region.

Scope of Services

Pediatric rehab services span the continuum of care, from the acute inpatient hospital setting to outpatient care. Treatment is coordinated by a team of therapists whose goal is to improve functional outcomes while creating a safe and fun way for children to improve cognition, physical status, and social skills.  In order to maximize patient outcomes and enhance the patient experience, Frazier offers:

  • A comprehensive, team approach to maximize skills for daily living and recreation
  • An emphasis on the family, including ongoing family teaching and education
  • An focus on school re-integration, beginning at the initiation of treatment
  • Collaboration with public and private schools to ensure successful maintenance of academic and social needs
  • Collaboration with community and regional providers to ensure coordinated, continuous care

The multidisciplinary team of therapists includes: Pediatric Rehabilitation Physician, Pediatric Nurse Coordinator, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Recreation Therapists and pet therapy, Pulmonary Therapists, Dieticians and Case Managers/school liaison. 

Facility Features

The 15- story state-of-the-art Frazier Rehab and Neuroscience Center is home to Frazier Rehab’s Pediatric Program. Our Kosair Charities Pediatric Pavillion, located on the 8th floor, is specifically designed and equipped to meet the rehab needs of children.  Our spacious, private patient rooms can accommodate  a parent/guardian overnight. Additional accommodations are available through our partnership with the Ronald McDonald House, located one block away. The Pediatric Pavillion also offers:

  • Private family education rooms
  • Free cable and internet access
  • Colorful therapy gym with a wide array of specialized equipment
  • Sensory Integration treatment areas
  • Snoezelen room designed to provide stimulation in a calming environment
  • Larosa Lounge, a recreational activity area for patients and families
  • Ronald McDonald House Family Room, for family dining and gathering
  • An adaptive outdoor playground for use by pediatric inpatients and outpatients

Program Feature: Outpatient Pediatric Locomotor Training

Locomotor Training, an activity-based therapy, is available to children with neurological injuries, e.g. spinal cord injury, to promote neuromuscular recovery and achievement of developmentally appropriate motor skills. Children participate in out-patient therapy 5x/week, 1.5 hours/day led by pediatric physical therapists and trainers to activate the neuromuscular system and facilitated to practice stepping and standing on a treadmill with partial body weight support. As skills develop in the treadmill environment, the therapist guides the child to use these skills off the treadmill (e.g. improving sitting balance and function in sitting, bed mobility, standing, stepping) and works with the parent(s) and family to incorporate new gains in the home and community. For additional information about the Spinal Cord Medicine Program click here.

For more Information about Outpatient Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy, call 502.560.8389.

For more information about Outpatient Psychology and Neuropsychology Services, call 502.582.7484.

For information about Inpatient services, call 502.582.7476.

Service Locations:

Frazier Rehab Institute
220 Abraham Flexner Way
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502.582.7476

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