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Neuroscience Collaborative Center & Research Opportunities

Frazier Rehab Institute’s Neuroscience Collaborative Center is a joint partnership between The Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Research Center (KSCIRC), the University of Louisville’s Department of Neurological Surgery and Division of Movement Disorders at Frazier, and Frazier Rehab Institute. The Center focuses on research in the area of neurological disorders including movement disorders and spinal cord injury.

The research team is comprised of scientists, engineers, physicians, technicians and physical therapists who work together to understand how the nervous system works during human locomotion. The focus is on retraining the nervous system to facilitate the recovery of standing and stepping in individuals with spinal cord injury. Our studies investigate not only physiological characteristics that enable retraining of the nervous system to stand and walk, but also examine a number of issues secondary to spinal cord injury.

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Research Opportunities:

To receive more information about research opportunities, including study participation, please visit Victory Over Paralysis.


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