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Morris A. Weiss, Sr., M.D.
Emmet Field Horine, M.D.

Emmett Field Horine, M.D. and Morris M. Weiss, Sr., M.D. were two of the early cardiologists in America. These two men specialized in cardiovascular disease long before there was a formal sub-specialty of cardiology. Both of them were awarded their boards as honorary members of the original group of cardiologists in the United States.

Dr. Emmett Horine travelled to England after World War I and studied with two famous cardiologists, Sir. James MacKenzie and Sir. Thomas Lewis. He returned to Louisville, Kentucky to practice this new medical specialty in 1920. Dr. Horine befriended Morris M. Weiss, Sr., M.D., a medical student who then went to New York and trained in cardiology. Dr. Morris Weiss, Sr. came back to Louisville and started a cardiology practice with Dr. Horine. These two men did the vast majority of cardiac consultations between 1920 and 1940. After World War II, cardiology began to expand as a recognized subspecialty and in the last fifty years has become an incredibly complex field of medicine with many areas of expertise. The electronic age and its subsequent miniaturization encouraged the development of equipment that can now be passed through blood vessels and into the heart, so difficult cardiac disorders can be diagnosed in an extremely accurate way.

Dr. Emmett Horine and Dr. Morris Weiss, Sr. are not only pioneers in the specialty of cardiovascular disease, but also the founding fathers of Medical Center Cardiologists, now KentuckyOne Health Cardiology Associates. The physicians of KentuckyOne Health Cardiology Associates are proud to be affiliated with the first cardiology practice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and Jeffersonville which has continued a tradition of excellence throughout the entire history of the modern cardiovascular era. Our physicians bring 83 years of experience coupled with all of the modern diagnostic tools to a region now renowned for its advances in heart disease.


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