Saint Joseph and Flaget Quality Report

In this report, the hospitals and facilities of Saint Joseph and Flaget show their patient satisfaction scores and their performance on nationally recognized quality indicators and practices. Where available, performance is also displayed for the average hospital in the state of Kentucky and in the United States.

These statistics and descriptions do not begin to represent all there is to know about the quality of hospitals and medical facilities. You should not attempt to choose a hospital based solely on statistics and descriptions such as those in this report. Current methods of assessing hospital quality are not mature enough to support such a use.

Quality Report Principles

  • We do not decide what to make public based on how it makes us look.
  • We give equal prominence to good and bad results.
  • We do not choose which indicators to display.
  • When we have a nationally endorsed list of indicators, we display every indicator on the list.
  • We are not the indicator owner.
  • We do not modify indicator definitions or inclusion/exclusion criteria in any way.
  • We correct our internal data only for objective errors.
  • We do not correct data submitted or billed externally unless we also resubmit or re-bill the data.
  • We display our results even when we disagree with the indicator definition.
  • We recognize that we must display and make decisions based upon imperfect data, because until the data are used, no resources will be spent making the data valid. 

Using the Quality Report

Questions and Feedback


Quality Report Disclaimer

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