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Ultrasound scans are currently considered to be a safe, non-invasive, accurate and cost-effective investigation in the fetus. It has progressively become an indispensible obstetric tool and plays an important role in the care of every pregnant woman.

The gestational sac can be visualized as early as four and a half weeks of gestation and the yolk sac at about five weeks. The embryo can be observed and measured by about five and a half weeks.


Women's Care UltrasoundUltrasound can also very importantly confirm the site of the pregnancy is within the cavity of the uterus. Fetal body measurements reflect the gestational age of the fetus. This is particularly true in early gestation. In patients with uncertain last menstrual periods, such measurements must be made as early as possible in pregnancy to arrive at a correct dating for the patient.



Preparation for Ultrasound:


Pregnant (1st  trimester) - No preparation required.


Pregnant (2nd & 3rd trimester) - Please empty your bladder 45 minutes prior to your exam and then drink 1-2 8 oz glasses of water.


Non-Stress Test (also referred to as an NST) - Please eat within 1-2 hours of your test.


Biophysical Profile - This is a combination of non-stress testing (NST)  and ultrasound.  Please eat within 1-2 hours of your test.  Please empty your bladder 45 minutes before your exam & drink 1-2 8 oz glasses of water.




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